Cosmetic Dentistry Port Townsend

Your smile is the Ultimate Accessory

 Everyone wants a beautiful smile. For many of our patients it has been a lifelong dream that they have put off fulfilling. We want to help you to realize that dream. Advanced dentistry techniques and procedures make creating the smile of your dreams easier, more affordable and quicker than ever! Flexible financing and non-invasive procedures make it easy.

In outlining a comprehensive treatment plan, Dr. Fordham may recommened such services as:

  • Composite Filings: easy and quick, some can even be done in one visit!
  • Tooth Whitening: An easy way to brighten a smile.
  • Crowns & Bridges: Beautiful natural and aesthetic crowns & Bridges
  • Implants- You won't have to look at that hole in your mouth any longer.

Don't put off having your perfect smile any longer, visit us at Peninsula Family Dentistry, "where dreams of the most beautiful smiles really do come true!"